Natural Joint Pain Relief The Facts

by on May 6, 2016

Understanding Natural Joint Pain Relief


Know Your Pain

Knowing your body helps you to understand that there may be something wrong and pain is your own defence against illness and injury. If you couldn’t feel pain then that hand hovering over the hotplate might be seriously damaged. Pain is the signal that something is wrong. We will look at joint pain in general and natural joint pain relief in particular.


There are many causes of joint pain the most common are arthritis in its many forms and sports injuries. The reasons for the latter are obvious but understanding the pain from inflammation of the joints, the often acute pain from damaged joints and the constant pain from long term chronic suffering can be difficult. If you understand that pain in the joints can be caused by the gradual breakdown of the cartilage, the soft material which helps to cushion the joints then you begin to understand that control of the pain is paramount as there is little else that can be done apart from controlling your weight and keeping as mobile as possible. There is increasing concern about the damage to the heart and other organs as a result of prescription medicines so natural alternatives for joint pain relief like Arthronew are very welcome.


What is Cartilage?cartilage

Having explained why pain can come from the joints because of the deterioration in the cartilage, lets take a quick look at what cartilage actually is. Cartilage is not as hard or dense as bone and acts as a cushion between the bones.It is in effect a shock absorber allowing us to put pressure on our joints and whilst walking or running.  There are lots of factors which can cause the cartilage to wear including obesity overuse and genetics.  The result of the worn cartilage allows the bones to rub together which will cause pain. It can be literally bone on bone.


Arthritis is s very common as we approach our  old age.  It can be very painful and chronic pain can be very wearing. Arthritis, which is in effect joint inflammation is described as an inflammation of at least one joint and is caused by the breakdown of the cartilage leading to pain and swelling in the joint.

Osteoarthritis is commonly known as degenerative arthritis because it can slowly damage the in the spine, hands and knees in particular.  Osteoarthritis is definitely age related but it can also be caused by obesity and other medical conditions such as diabetes.  Rheumatoid arthritis or the other hand is an autoimmune disorder which can cause pain and stiffness in the joint and lead to cartilage and bone damage.

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Many doctors will recommend prescriptions for  joint pain relief.  Pain effects us in many ways not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well.  Chronic pain can be very pervasive and to all consuming and it is important to find methods and treatment for joint pain relief.  Doctors will often prescribe opiates and morphine in the extreme cases but it is important to realise that no treatment can be 100% effective all the time.

Analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs are the most commonly prescribed treatments from your Dr. but the relief is quite often just temporary and some people resort to antibiotics and stronger medications to try and get rid of the pain as soon as possible.  There are however severe side effects with some of these drugs including tiredness, mood swings and changes in the appetite.  Most prescription drugs will not take away all the the discomfort and you will probably find in the long term that a natural remedy will help in coping with the pain.  Many of the substances found in prescription medicines, can be found in the natural world with fewer bad side effects.

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What Are The Natural  Remedies for Joint Pain Relief?


Many of the natural remedies work just as well as prescription drugs and often better and faster.  Many natural therapists are lumped together as alternative and are often viewed dimly by the medical profession and indeed drug companies.  However just because something is produced in a lab does  not necessarily make it better.  Chrondroitin for example is naturally found in the human body but can also come from a natural animal sources like the shark cartilage or it can be manufactured in a laboratory. Chrondroitin helps the cartilage retain water and gives it elasticity and it may slow down cartilage wear.  Chrondroitin sulfate could give some relief for joint pain due to its ability to help with the rebuilding of for some healthy cartilage which may help reduce inflammation naturally.

Heat can offer some of natural joint pain relief as can cold.  Some therapists believe that the heat helps with inflammation whereas a chiropractor for example would recommend cold. Some plants like green tea for example are being researched in the management of rheumatoid arthritis.  Natural joint pain relief is becoming much more popular because many people have experienced side effects from prescription drugs.  It is thought that natural methods are safer and healthier options for pain relief.  Natural joint pain relief comes in many guises and focuses on the longer term.  Whilst often much slower to start off with they are much better solution for the long term.  Some nutritional supplements like flax seed for example  which is widely available comes with a number of health benefits including joint pain relief.  There are in fact many natural remedies for arthritis and joint pain which can be much more effective than prescribed anti inflammatory drugs and longer term will be a much better option for those suffering from chronic joint pain and the swelling and inflammation of osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.

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Dietary factors

You may think the your diet has something to do with pain and you will be right.  Many of us do not have a good diet and ensuring we get to all of our vitamins and minerals means that we often have to take a multivitamin supplement and that is certainly a good idea.  If your diet is high in green veg and fresh fruit that that will help to keep your joints moving freely and your diet is much more important than you might think.  There are studies that show that diets high in protein are the most important for a healthy joint and that does not necessarily mean animal protein.  Nutritionists have recommended a fruit and vegetables rich diet for a long time.

Taking Exerciseexercise

It may feel counterintuitive to talk about exercising when you are suffering from painful joints but research has shown that it is essential to exercise to help with the joint pain.  We are talking here of low impact exercise like swimming and walking and stretching all of which help to increase the joint mobility.  Exercise is good for us and increases flexibility, helps with endurance, help ease depression and anxiety and increases the energy levels.  It can help to the muscles stronger around the joints, help the bone density and can decrease the joint pain by reducing stiffness and increasing the flow.  Apart from anything else, exercise keeps your weight down which takes the stress from the bones and joints.

Arthritis pain can be very tiresome and can wear you down.  Finding a natural joint pain relief has its own rewards.  There are many natural supplement like Arthronew available on the market and you could also use physical supports to help hold the joints in place.  Keeping active will help control joint swelling and increases joint lubrication.  To get those aches down, you have to reduce and control the inflammation and for chronic problems a proper supplement, and the good diet described above will all help.  Rather than just masking pain, look to heal the pain where you can and a natural joint pain reliever like Arthronew is perhaps a good alternative to a manufactured drug.

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