Dr John Frank And A Passion For Better Health

by on January 28, 2016

Dr John Frank

Who Is Dr John Frank?

What has made Dr John Frank so passionate about treating pain, and helping others? Long before Dr John Frank MD became aware of the problem with arthritic and inflammatory conditions, he was an NFL Football Player. He is only too aware that sports injuries can lead to arthritis, and many sports men and women develop arthritis once they retire. But, it is not only former sports people who develop arthritis. Most people who have carried out a manual job during their working life, will go on to develop arthritis. In fact, most of us develop arthritis of some kind, and the process of inflammation normally starts as soon as we leave our teenage years behind.


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How Can We Stop The Process?

The truth is that you can’t stop the process, but you can help to control the process and reduce the impact arthritis can have on your daily life. One of the best ways to do so is to recognize the symptoms of arthritis as quick as possible. To treat and heal arthritis related pain, we should not be seeking one solution, we should be looking for several solutions.

It is not very easy to do this, and it can cost you a fortune in remedies and conventional medication. The best way is to invest in a remedy which contains several active compounds which can help to treat the condition in more ways than one. Taking a look at the Arthronew list of ingredients, you will notice that it contains both Arnica montana and White Willow. Arnica is a powerful homeopathic remedy which is related to effective treatment of joint pain, and is especially effective for hand pain when used in a cream or gel.

White willow is one of those almost magical natural herbs which can do two things at once. It can help to lower inflammation, and at the same time, it helps to reduce pain very effectively. If, you are concerned about the amount of remedies that you are using at one time, you should be looking for a more complete all in one system such as Arthronew. White Willow will even help you sleep better.

Because Dr John Frank could see the benefits in the Arthronew ingredients, he decided to endorse it. It was a system that he knew could work for him and others suffering from joint pain and arthritis.

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Is All Arthritis The Same?

There are many different form of arthritis, and diseases are being reclassified as arthritis all of the time. Lupus was not so very long ago reclassified arthritis, and many other conditions are knocking on the door.

When you visit your local drug store, your pharmacist may say that certain treatments, or natural remedies, are more effective against some forms of arthritis. For instance, your pharmacist may say to you that to treat back and neck pain, you need one certain remedy for arthritis in this part of the body. This is not true, a combination treatment will treat arthritis wherever it is present in the body. To be honest, it is just a sales pitch.

Knee joint pain is the most common reason why we may seek help from a medical professional. The knee is the joint in the body which is most likely to succumb to arthritis inflammation. To treat the condition, we need to take a two fold approach. The approach should include a dietary supplement and a topical gel or lotion. Fighting the pain of inflammation using this approach is the most effective way, and only a few medical professional appreciate this, and nearly no complete treatment “packages”, or systems, are available.

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Why A Complete Treatment System For Joint Pain?

Not only does a complete treatment system such as Arthronew save you money, but it gives you a more complete solution. Instead of buying lots of different treatments, you will end up with a range of natural treatments that will improve your all over anti-inflammatory response. When we do this, we reduce inflammation much more effectively, and for a longer period of time.

Also, you may end up buying a gel based on NSAIDs when a natural remedy would be just as effective, and work together with the rest of the compounds in your treatment. This is exactly what Arthronew is all about. It does not only provide one solution, it provides a range of compounds which work together to reduce and control inflammation and the pain of arthritis.

Dr John Frank Philosophy

This is what physicians like Dr John Frank realize, and we should take the message on board. If, we want to stop and reduce inflammation, one remedy, no matter how strong, is never enough. Neither is just one way of administering the treatment. We need to use both topical and oral supplements to reduce inflammation and pain.

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